Uber is agreed to expose diversity data

In fact Uber technologies had agreed to provide its diversity data in next month and representative of this company will exposé their information in Silicon Valley. This company is getting more numbers of the controversies in this year which is including lawsuit from the self driving car, sexism charges which is leveled by the former employee and exit of the certain key executives. Actually this announcement is following the meeting between civil rights leader of Jesse Jackson and CEO Uber Kalanick. Actually Jesse Jackson is the present and founder of rainbow Push coalition and they are issuing the statement based on the coalition. As everyone knows Jackson is prodded numbers of the companies which is including Apple, Intel and Google to expose their diversity data. In fact Uber technologies are the transportation company which is having headquartered at the United States, California and San Francisco. This company is operating at more than 528 cities in all over the world. It is developing, operating and marketing in the Uber car transportation. They are offering wide range of service to their clients because they are the best transportation company in the world.

Everything to know about the Uber diversity data

Basically civil rights reader Jackson is calling Uber CEO to reveal their employee demographics. At the same time uber ceo is accepted to provide their diversity data. In fact tech industry and Silicon Valley is the best agent in the world and they are always looking to create the positive environment. The report says that is data fully focused on the problem of EEOC. Actually expanding diversity is most important for unlocking the prospective to the tomorrow economy. Actually tech companies are having more numbers of the white employees like 69% and this company is offering the 15.1 percentages of the their employees in

  • Product management
  • Scientist roles
  • Engineering

Actually uber is not instantly reached the comment during the business hours and this company is appointing the United States attorney to investigate the former engineer. Actually this announcement is following in the meeting at Thursday and they are discussed about when to submit this data. Uber is also planned to hire the best attorney in United States so that they can easily come out from this problem. They are providing this data in public place and it could turn out the uber demographics who are member of the recruiting team. Based on the Bloomberg report says that certain members of the recruiting team has task of hiring the diverse people who are struggling to concrete data. Actually Jackson is called for the uber to disclose it in publicly EEO-1 report. This report must consist of the new hires in between 2014 to 2016 and Jackson is asking to provide this information within Feb 15, 2017. But this could not happen at the specified time but now uber ceo is agreeing to provide the diversity data. Actually diversity is very important while retaining or recruiting the best latent which is said by Liane Hornsey. At the same time Jackson is said that uber is the highly valued private company which is getting 68 billion. Many of the people are appreciating the focus and attention to this issue and Jackson is says that uber wants to disclose the gender makeup and racial workforce which is including executives and board of directors.

Things to know about the uber diversity data

Basically diversity is growing one in the tech industry and it is especially power in the center of Silicon Valley. In a modern world many of the tech companies are hiring by Asian and white men. In fact uber is using the app software and all uber drivers must install this app at their smartphone. This company is founded in the year of March 2009 and it is having more than thousands of the employees. Uber is the popular tech company and they are hiring more number of the women worker. This company is facing many numbers of the controversies and this company is reflecting the multi cultural, multi racial character. Another example is with apps for dating and free sex. They know in order to provide the best service for free sex that they must diversify. In fact more diversity is needed in the tech industry because it is helpful to increase your revenue and this company is offering upfront pricing.